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Daily Economic Releases

MBA Mortgage Applications expected 2.0% previous 0600 hrs cst
Housing Starts expected 1250k v. 1191k prior 0730 hrs cst
Housing Starts m/m expected 5.0% v. -4.0% prior 0730 hrs cst
Building Permits expected 1300k v. 1317k prior 0730 hrs cst
Building Permits m/m expected -1.3% v. 6.9% prior 0730 hrs cst
FOMC Rate Decision Upper Bound expected 2.0% v. 2.25% prior 1300 hrs cst
FOMC Rate Decision Lower Bound expected 1.75% v. 2.0% prior 1300 hrs cst
Powell holds a post FOMC press conference 1330 hrs cst