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Fixed Income Group (FIG) is a division of RJ O’Brien with a focus on hedging interest rate risk and credit risk for mortgage pipeline and servicing portfolios, broker/dealer bond inventories, pension fund bond portfolios, multiple ABS classes, and similar financial portfolios.

US Short Term Rates

– Fed Funds


Adding a risk-sensitivity to the new RFRs to reflect stress in the system by capturing events that cause bank stress—increases in bank VaR levels, elevated market volatility.

The Missile

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About Us

The Fixed Income Group (FIG) has crafted a unique niche in the finance industry by teaching clients how to take generic, yet highly cost efficient exchange-traded futures and options and create effective, accountable interest rate hedges. As financial regulatory requirements have forced many financial derivatives to be centrally cleared, the use of exchange-traded futures has soared. Currently, FIG uses multiple SOFR and Treasury based futures and options products from various futures exchanges to manage clients’ interest rate risk. Read More..

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Sofr v. Bsby

Date Change Term SOFR 7/12/2024 6:32 Settles 1 Month 5.3278 -0.0010 3 Month 5.28611 -0.01526 6 Month 5.1648 -0.04028 12 Month 4.86554 -0.07906 Term BSBY 7/12/2024 6:32 Settles 1 Month 5.37619 0.0008...
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Gain access to market insight and analysis from our team of experienced financial professionals.

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Mortgage cash flow hedge modeling.

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