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Why The Fixed Income Group at RJO?

  • Independent advisory and agency brokerage division within R.J. O’Brien (we like to think of ourselves as the Switzerland of futures brokers).
  • Clients include money managers, banks, dealers, pensions, insurance cos, mortgage cos, hedge funds, and other non-bank financials.
  • Using exchange-traded futures and options, we advise, construct, execute, and clear hedge and derivative solutions solely by request of our clients and the perceived needs of the industry.
  • RJO FIG does not have a proprietary trading operation. Therefore, we will NEVER take the “other side” of our clients’ trades.
  • Our focus is motivated by regulatory mandates that necessitate traditional effectiveness but emphasize clearing and compliance.
  • Our goal: reduce capital required for trading derivatives while maintaining economic and accounting equivalencies.
  • Bottom-line: Providing our clients with the best execution in the most liquid, transparent, and cost-effective products IS our business model.


RJO FIG Execution Capacity

  • FIG has executed the most buy-side contracts in the USD swap-futures complex and the largest buy-side, outright transactions in USD IRS futures.
  • Executing brokers within RJO FIG are well respected by liquidity providers (“LPs”) / block market makers for knowledge, flow, and superior execution. Most Street firms and swap-futures LPs use FIG execution in some aspect of their own business.
  • 24-hour Global execution desk at RJO supports overnight trading in products that are available for trading during Asian & European trading hours. RJO offers direct market access (“DMA”) via these electronic execution platforms: Bloomberg EMSX™, Trading Technologies, PATS, EOS, CQG, CTS, and other open API formats.
  • FIG maintains a vital best-execution presence on the trading floor to handle option arbitrage and complex option executions.
  • Voice execution & transaction packaging advice offered during US market hours. Continuous market color, flows, volatility/straddle runs, un-axed opinions provided.
  • After decades in the business, FIG KNOWS there must be multiple redundancies in execution channels. And there have to be PEOPLE to solve problems when markets are open: 1) DMA, 2) FIG Trade Desk, 3) FIG FLOOR, 4) 24-hr GLOBAL DESK.
  • If there’s a market open in the world, our Chicago office has a trade desk open to handle voice execution and troubleshoot any inquiries 6:00pm ET Sunday through 5:00pm ET Friday.


222 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 1200
Chicago IL, 60606
P. (800) 367-3349

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Futures trading involves the substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results.